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Creating a SEO friendly website for business purpose or any other purpose is a good idea. Server space and domain registration are the first things required after creating a website. Creating a website and uploading it to server is one thing, and pulling a huge numbers of visitors is another. SEO is all about increasing traffic to any website.
Before knowing  more about SEO  one must know how many visitors reach to website directly through website URL. No wonders number of such visitors are negligible or very less in most of the cases. This is the fact that most of the visitors come to a website through search engine. Needless to say google is the most popular search engines there are many more important search engines viz. yahoo, bing, viesearch, anoox, entireweb etc.
Internet users type their inquiry in the form of keywords. Users are allowed to type only one keyword at a time. A keyword can be a line, punch line, a single word or a group of words. As soon as users input a keyword search engine shows the result with in less than one seconds. On first page of search result can find only 10 to 15 websites or results. On clicking next button can go to more results. How far can one go for results ? Users often end up going up to 5-6 pages. But such  pages can be in  thousands or even more.
The websites come in front page will be in reach of maximum users the traffic in the websites will increase considerably because search engine gives extra advantage to the websites and put them in to front pages, SEO can be one of the reasons. Through SEO search engine  understands what the website is all about. It becomes easier to crawl and place in search results.
Keywords are the most important factor in SEO. The entire SEO game is depended on keywords. A blogger can use multiple keywords at a time. All keywords used should be relavent to the topic.
Before going ahead let’s get this clear that keywords are created by the users not by the the bloggers or website owner. So be careful about choosing right keywords. Keyword research is a  far most important step for a SEO analyst. For keyword research following sites have been suggested.
On page SEO can also be termed as “SEO works on webpages”. The on page seo consists of quality content on web pages. In the content of the web pages keywords should be used wisely. While writing title and description these the keywords should reasonably be used. And most importantly create link to other web pages for a clickable keyword.
Off Page Optimization can also be termed as “SEO works for website“. It includes many seo tools like social bookmarking, article writing, article rewriting, blog posting, blog commenting, classified ad posting, press release, social media posting, back link creation etc.
Almost every day new websites are now being introduced in to the world of internet and the internet users world wide have now increase phenomenally. It can finally be concluded that SEO checker professionals will be in great demand in the upcoming years.

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The article is submitted by one of the best web designing/web,software development/SEO company in Bhopal. It is all about learning web designing at basic level.
A professionally designed website can speak volumes for your brand – and demonstrates a real commitment to delivering newer, faster and easier ways for customers to do business with you. It is important to consider what purpose your website will satisfy, and in what form it will be deployed.
Hardcore web Designers involves in building and maintaining Web sites since the early days of the Internet and are here to meet customers needs. They have extensive experience incorporating interactive and multimedia functionality such as e-commerce, audio, video, FLASH and databases.
Website designing sounds easy but in deeper sense it has so many technicalities behind this a website designer has to tackle so many tasks. Web designing is such an art which is beyond color, font, graphics, text, images and a lot more. A website is a worthwhile if it is well structured, user friendly, function properly with no broken links, appropriate back-links and hyperlinks and easy to find through seo keyword

Due to excessive additional coding a website may load slowly this can go against the website as this is not easy to navigate for users and also not to be a search engine optimization (S.E.O.) friendly act.

A web design company should be able to design webpages in such a way that a new user can find it very simple to utilize its applications and tell others for its use.

Webdesign is a professional work where creativity is involved. A web designer uses his creativity, web design template, css animations in web designing under client’s guidelines. The final outcome of a website has to be same or nearly same to what the client imagine in his mind. The job of web designer is to design the attractive websites that draw the attention to their visitors.

Website as a medium of communication a web designer one should never forget this fact. Broadly speaking It is a two way communication so the background color and text color combination and its readability should be fine and clear. Verdana font is quit popular for writing web content. Visitors should feel free to interact with you for any relevant query.

No doubts website designing is a very creative job, there is no harm thinking out of the box or differently as long as it is convenient for users. Too much creativity often lead to complications for users.

Conclusion is that just follow the traditional or common way to web design. There is a perfect place for all buttons like sign up, sign in, contact us, log out etc. Users are used to it, especially those who are relatively new users of internet and do think what little useful thing can you add for users in the traditional format of website designing. Most of the things seems to be in a picture perfect area in most of the website who follow common method of web designing.